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Restoration of the castle

Medieval royal castle Svojanov is owned by the town Polička since 1910. Shortly after buying of the castle, the city started with the first rescue works aimed at restoring and opening the whole area. In 1952, the castle was nationalized and in 1992 it was returned to town in the restitution. In 2006, the town Polička started an extensive reconstruction of the castle, whose goal was to return the castle an appearance from the second half of the 19th century. Reconstruction was realized with the contribution of the Ministry of Culture, Pardubice Region, ČEZ Foundation, and last but not least of EU.

Reconstruction of the castle is a monumental point of view very successful. Its implementation has been saved significant monument of our national history for future generations.


  • laying of new roof covering on the building of Empire style palace


  • construction of new roof frame and laying of new roof covering on the building of the former farmstead
  • laying of new roof covering on the House of Armigers
  • replacement of wooden fencing of paths and fortifications


  • restoration of entranceway
  • reconstruction of rooms and social facilities in the castle guest house
  • reconstruction of the restaurant and adjacent kitchen
  • building a new installation in the Empire style palace representing life in the castle in the 2nd half of the 19th century
  • new plantings of castle garden
  • restoration of the facade of the entrance building from side of courtyard
  • repair of the roof of the entrance building
  • new roof on top of the castle tower


  • purchase of antique furniture, which were placed in rooms of the castle guesthouse
  • enlargement of the installation in the palace of stylish kitchen, cellars and part of house of Armigers with an exhibition of classicist door from town Polička
  • restoration of the facade of the entrance building from inlet side, repair of seven chimney bodies
  • regeneration of vegetation in the castle grounds
  • reconstruction of social facilities for the public
  • reconstruction of another part of the castle guesthouse, adding of stylish furniture, commissioning of new bathroom and toilet


  • repair of all windows of the entrance building of the castle
  • restoration of the ruins of the Renaissance palace with renewing of sgraffitti fragments
  • restoration of the building called Ratejna in front of the castle
  • static securing and completion of collapsed vaults in the building of former farmstead


  • general reconstruction of the Empire style palace - restoration of the facade, repair of windows and doors, restoration of parquets and original floor tiling, new floor tiling of marlstone on the ground floor and of bricks in the basement, reconstruction of plasters, completion of imaginary paintings of rooms on the first floor, restoration of stone elements of decoration, restoration of plumbing components, drainage of building, construction of EPS and EZS
  • archeological research of upper courtyard and drainage of this area, discovery and restoration of the castle well
  • general renovation of the House of Armigers - interior restoration, restoration of plasters and wood elements, laying of brick floor tiling in the lower hall, construction of EPS and EZS, archeological research around the house with the discovering of the original stone trough
  • general reconstruction of the outer bulwark of the castle - renewal of the southeastern part
  • complete renovation to the building shell of a former farmstead in front of the castle
  • construction of leisure zone in front of the castle
  • adaptation of the ground floor of northeast bastion on Hunting lounge
  • construction of ceremonial lighting of the castle


  • creating of view from the town to the castle by removing overblown greenery
  • completion of the renovation of the House of Armigers – restoration of external plaster with a Gothic-Renaissance decoration
  • completion of reconstruction of the outer bulwark of the castle - renewal of southeast and eastern parts, relaxing and sightseeing summerhouses on bastions, construction of new gate to the castle